Lavender Oat is our go to! It is simple while being to relaxing and beneficial, it's a must try!
The story of levender, where to start? Lavender is relaxing, stress relieving, it’s great fo head aches, assists the body with healing and is fantastic for sleeping!
This Bath Infusion is a great tool to use before bed to promote a relaxed state of mind and body, release your stressed posture and state, and help you to calm and find peace so you can sleep well.
The oat gives a beautiful milky feeling while you breath and start to relax with the scent of lavender.
Fantastic for those of us who battle to slow down and take a moment to ourselves, resulting in poor sleep.
This Infusion is for seriously anyone!

1 Bath Infusion = 1 heavenly bath

Bath Infusions are like a tea bag for your bath! So place the whole bag in the bath and leave it in for as long as you are.
Reuse the bag, tag us in your post on social media of how you have reused the bag and you will receive a free bath bag with your next order!

Lavender Oat