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1 Bath Infusion = 1 heavenly bath


Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon, oats and coconut, sounds like a breakfast bath right?! But there is a little more here than a breakfast smelling Infusion.


Cinnamon has been used for a long time in cultural traditions as a spritual purification tool, it's known to eliminate toxins from the body and it is also has antiseptic and antiviral properties.You will find that both the oats and coconut are great for the skin, your skin will feel soft and smooth and it helps to calm irritated and dry skin.


This is a great pick for skin conditions, but also suitable for anyone who loves cinnamon!


Black Rose

Black Rose is a dark beauty, with the darkness of charcoal but that beautiful rose scent! Although rose petals in a bath are thought of as luxurious and often feature in romanic candlelit Instagram posts featuing a glass of wine, rose has some real benefits too! Like soothing inflamed skin while the scent is a great mood lifter and brings calm to our energy. The detoxifying properties of activated charcoal are well known and exactly why it is in here, while charcoal brings some darkness to your bath it is helping to remove toxins from your skin, it helps to remove polutants that build up on ur skin from our enviroment, while the rose keeps us in a calm space and soothes the skin.


Great for acne on the body and bringing a little luxary into your life!


Lavender Oat

Lavender Oat is the go to! It is simple while being to relaxing and beneficial, it's a must try!


The story of levender, where to start? Lavender is relaxing, stress relieving, its great fo head aches, it assists the body with healing and it is fantastic for sleeping! This Bath Infusion is a great tool to use before bed to promote a relaxed state of mind and body. Release your stressed posture, keep you calm and find peace so you can sleep well. The oat gives a beautiful milky feeling while you breath and start to relax with the scent of lavender. Fantastic for those of us who battle to slow down and take a moment to ourselves, resulting in poor sleep.


This Infusion is for seriously anyone!


Chamomile Dream

Chamomile Dream, as it suggests is relaxing and can help you to sleep well. Its like a cloud for your soul!


Chamomile while it is known to help with relaxation and sleep, it is also beneficial to the skin. It is antibacterial which is great for those with skin conditions. Chamomile relaxes the nervous system helping to bring calm and tranquility to your bath and to your sleep. It is also known to help soothe pains, stomach aches, period pain and muscle spasms. All the while you get a beautiful creaminess from coconut to moisturize and clam the skin, and as always, salts to help the muscles to relax and heal while removing toxins for your skin and body.


Why not try some meditation in the bath? Even if its just 2 minutes, this is a great Infusion to help you be present and take a moment for yourself while your body heals.

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