Chamomile Dream, as it suggests is relaxing and can help you to sleep well. It’s like a cloud for your soul!
Chamomile while it is known to help with relaxation and sleep, it is also beneficial to the skin. It is antibacterial which is great for those with skin conditions. Chamomile relaxes the nervous system helping to bring calm and tranquility to your bath and to your sleep. It is also known to help soothe pains, stomach aches, period pain and muscle spasms.
All the while you get a beautiful creaminess from coconut to moisturize and calm the skin. Plus, as with all our Infusions, salts to help the muscles to relax and heal while removing toxins for your skin and body.
Why not try some meditation in the bath? Even if its just 2 minutes, this is a great Infusion to help you be present and take a moment for yourself while your body heals.

1 Bath Infusion = 1 heavenly bath

Bath Infusions are like a tea bag for your bath! So place the whole bag in the bath and leave it in for as long as you are.
Reuse the bag, tag us in your post on social media of how you have reused the bag and you will receive a free bath bag with your next order!

Chamomile Dream