Those questions everyone asks

What is the best way to burn a smudge stick?

To burn a smudge stick, its best to use a candle as smudges can take some lighting. Light the candle and hold the smudge stick on a downward angle with the flame touching one end of the smudge. Hold here until the thicker, woody parts of the stick are red. Blow out any flames. If you wish to "cleanse" your space, then walk around with the smudge in hand, still pointing the hot end down. To allow it to burn, sit it on an old plate and allow it to burn away. If it goes out, no stress, just relight it, or put it away to use again later.

What is a Bath Infusion?

Our Bath Infusions are just like a tea bag, only for your bath! They are great to prevent grit on your bare bum at the bottom of your bath, they also save all the mess of flower petals floating around and then the clean up afterwards. All the beneficial ingredients are in a nice little cotton bag ready to chuck in the bath with you!

Can I reuse the Bath Infusion cotton bag?

YES! And we would love nothing more than to see you reuse them! After your bath, just tip the bag inside out, either outside or in the green waste bin and empty out. You can rinse it or chuck it in the washing machine! Once dry you can use them to keep your jewerllery in, reuse in the bath, use as a snack bag for nuts and dried fruit, or any other ideas you come up with! Tag us in your post of you reusing your cotton bag and next time you order, we will give you an extra Bath Infusion for free!

Are the Bath Infusions one use only?

Yes, once you have used the Infusion, all its salts and oils have disolved and only a few ingredients will remain. Either clean the bag and reuse, or dispose of most approperiately in your rubbish.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Unfortunately we can not offer change of mind returns at this time.

Do you ship overseas?

We are based in Australia, and yes we do ship overseas. Some countries are already avaliable for shipping but if your country isn't, just let us know and we can work out a shipping price for you!